How it all started ...

Salem Hani, born in Zagora / Morocco and grew up in Casablanca, as one

of 9 children, discovered his passion for fashion early.

He had a dream: in 1959 he laid the foundation for the family business, which is finally realized after almost 60 years.

 At the age of just 16 years, he decided to get a training as a Tailor, and early on he felt the high expectation of him to contribute to the Family income.

Everyday life and the energy-consuming work for an American Jeans manufacturer left little room for creativity. But his commitment, diligence, and perseverance were rewarded; Through him, his siblings had the possibility to attend a school. 

A chance which Salem Hani has unfortunately not been granted. But his passion for fashion and his craft has never been extinguished.

Today this flame is still alive in me! 

My talent, my understanding for fashion trends, the attention to detail and my passion - all this I owe to my father.  

Like him, I started my first collection as a teenager and learned and developed steadily. Inspired by the success of the first attempted, I took the courage to follow my dreams. 


From strong roots, a tree has grown,

Whose crown now bears the branches of the family.    


Chak Hani, Designer